VisiPak Digital Indicators

digital indicator
Input Selection Typical Application Indicator
DC Voltage or Current
(V, mV, A, mA)
Includes field configurable input ranges, curve fitting linearization and square root extraction, wide ranging display with optimum filtering, and conditioning to reduce susceptibility to transients and noisy operations for accurate, stable readings
DC Process signal monitoring and alarming, including ON/OFF control, scaling and retransmission of process signal, two-wire transmitter excitation, 4-20mA loop-powered indication. Flow control (V430) and batch processing V108 (Indicating Alarm) 1/8 DIN
V116 (Indicating Alarm) 1/16 DIN
V132 (Indicating Alarm) 1/32 DIN
V408 (Universal/Modbus) 1/8 DIN
V560 (Loop Powered, IS)
V565 (Loop Powered, High Perf. IS)
V508 & V509 (Digital Indicator)
(Types E, J, K, R, S, T)
Includes encapsulated cold-junction compensation (CJC) , and configurable burnout detection.
Temperature indication, montoring, alarming and retransmission of temperature V108 (Indicating Alarm)1/8 DIN
V116 (Indicating Alarm) 1/16 DIN
V132 (Indicating Alarm) 1/32 DIN
V408 (Universal/Modbus) 1/8 DIN
(Type PT, NI, CU)
Includes mA DC excitation supply for accurate stable measurement of 2 or 3-wire RTD resistance sensors
Temperature indication, montoring, alarming and retransmission of temperature V108 (Indicating Alarm)1/8 DIN
V116 (Indicating Alarm) 1/16 DIN
V132 (Indicating Alarm) 1/32 DIN
V408 (Universal/Modbus) 1/8 DIN
( ±15mV to 200mV)
Includes 5 or 10V excitation, for bridges from 300 ohm to 10K ohm
Pressure and load cell indication montoring, alarming, ON/OFF control peak hold plus TARE… V408 (Universal/Modbus) 1/8 DIN
(0-300 ohm to 0-10K ohm)
Includes 5 or 10V excitation supply for 3-wire potentiometer or slidewires, to minimize circuitry at the sensor and provide accurate stable measurement
Tank level position and setpoint indication, monitoring, alarming and ON/OFF control V408 (Universal/Modbus) 1/8 DIN

For over 25 years Action’s VisiPak indicators prove time and time again to be reliable cost effective solutions, displaying virtually any sensor or processes variable desired. We have a lot of experience and have come a long way from the needle indicators of the past. Today’s solutions offer standard features which define a reliable, top quality indicator line that won’t let you down. All VisiPak Indicators have NEMA 4 (or higher) front panel ratings, field configuration and linearization capability as well as agency approvals (e.g. Factory Mutual, Canadian Standards Association or Underwriter’s Laboratories). VisiPak’s quality is ensured with Action’s 3 year warranty.

Modular, Universal Process Indicator V408 with Modbus® Communications

Action’s most advanced indicator is the V408. It is designed to accept temperature (RTD and thermocouple), pressure or weight (strain gage), and DC process signal inputs. With better than 2 micro-volt input resolution and a bright red or green 5 digit display, the V408 accurately measures and displays the majority of signals found in industrial process control or factory automation applications. The most significant advantage of the V408 other than its extensive program of alarming and I/O process functions is its modular design. The V408 has three I/O expansion slots and one communications slot to hold any of the 14 option modules. This allows the user to configure the optimum solution for the application by using modules to add functions, such as a second input for signal comparison. Add a retransmission module to transmit process variables or setpoint levels. Add digital inputs or outputs for remote push button acknowledgment, function programming, alarm status signaling or annunciation. Add a voltage excitation module to power a strain gage or current loop. Finally, the Modbus serial communication module can make the V408 and excellent window to the process, providing measurement data to a local PLC or back to an office PC. The V408 does it all with a modular design for optimal value and efficiency.

Miniature (1/32) to Standard (1/8) DIN Indicators (V1XX) for Temperature and DC Signals

The V108, V116 and V132 are 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 DIN indicators that are field configurable for temperature (RTD and thermocouple) or DC process signals. The V108 has three alarms and two relay outputs in addition to the 5 digit display. The smaller V116 and V132 have three alarms and one relay output in addition to the 4 digit display. Programmable as fail-safe or non-fail-safe latching or non latching, the relays and alarms can be remotely acknowledged with a push button signal or accessed via the configuration buttons on the NEMA 4 front panel. These indicators offer an economical solution to fit most panels and budgets.

Loop Powered Field Mount Indicators (V56X)

The V560 series provides a reliable solution regardless of the environmental conditions. Intrinsically safe, the V560 and V565 are approved by CSA and FM for use in hazardous locations, either with safety barriers and the standard NEMA 4X housing or the optional explosion proof housing. Whatever the engineering units or environment, the wide-ranging, filed configurable VisiPak V560 series is a rugged, reliable solution that has passed the test of time with more than 15 years of field proven quality.