E+PLC400- A Versatile, Precision PLC

E+PLC400 Compact Precision PLC

E+PLC400 is a PID controller, recorder and PLC combined in a single, modular solution which is incredibly easy to engineer. Using an open industry standard (IEC 61131-3) platform and a single, integrated programming and visualisation environment, this innovative instrument is designed to offer flexibility to match process requirements while reducing engineering time. It is feature rich and gives an enhanced user experience which delivers operational efficiency, better process performance and easier regulatory compliance.

Open PLC with easy control and recording

  • Scalable, modular solution with single programming tool
  • Standard IEC 61131-3 programming
  • Single, integrated CODESYS programming environment
  • offering PLC, PID control, recording and visualisation
  • Pre-validated, rapidly engineered function blocks
  • Automatic tag recognition for display creation

Precision PID control in a PLC

  • Reduces processing times
  • Increases productivity
  • Optimises energy usage
  • Improves quality
  • Minimises scrap/re-work

Secure recording in a PLC

  • Easier regulatory compliance
  • Accurate, stable control performance
  • Precision measurement of process variables
  • Secure data recording at point of measurement
  • Complete, accurate, traceable records

A PLC with integrated visualisation

  • Visualisation programming integrated within the CODESYS environment
  • Intuitive process interface via up to two local operator panels
  • Mobile process viewing on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Automatic tag recognition

All the pieces of your process puzzle with added versatility and scalability

E+PLC400 combines full PLC functionality with unique Eurotherm control and recording capability made available in rapidly engineered function blocks. It is available in a choice of base sizes, is scalable to suit current and future process needs, and comes with a versatile range of precision I/O modules.

E+PLC400 uses CODESYS, a leading open platform, to provide a familiar programming environment with a range of IEC 61131-3 languages available to ensure ease of use. Easy, flexible visualisation is provided by the connection of up to two local operator panels as well as the ability to view the process via a web server on mobile devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones; all quickly configured with automatic tag recognition within the same programming environment as the PLC.

Precision measurement

To control accurately, you need to measure precisely. The modular form of the E+PLC400 enables the incorporation of a versatile selection of precision I/O modules which enable accurate control and recording. Analogue and digital I/O, relay outputs and zirconia input are all available for inclusion in a selection of base sizes to exactly match application needs. Its high performance I/O gives accurate measurements, enabling tighter control and an exact historical record of a process.

A versatile solution for small to medium-sized applications

Best in control

E+PLC400 incorporates over 50 years of control knowledge including the unique Eurotherm autotuning PID algorithms that provide a superior control performance.

  • Reduce process times by getting to the
  • Optimise energy usage by eliminating
  • Improve quality by giving stable control
  • Provided in pre-engineered function block

Cost effective, superior control performance – why compromise?

Easy setpoint programming

Feature rich, the E+PLC400 includes highly flexible, easy to use setpoint programming. Using a spreadsheet style format, multiple programs with numerous segments can be quickly configured ensuring easy setup and improved operational efficiency.

Guaranteed operation which can lower processing costs

Best in recording

E+PLC400 has integrated recording capability with highly efficient batch data management strategies to ensure total data integrity and security. It provides complete peace of mind by using decades of recording expertise to ensure compliance with both regulatory and quality standards through:

  • Continual secure recording at point of
  • Incorporating power and network fail strategies
  • Complete record/batch traceability with all
  • Efficient archiving and data management using local USB,
  • Archiving strategies providing self-healing, fully validated
  • Secure recording and batch data management provided in

Efficient data management of totally secure process records

Reduced engineering

The E+PLC400 uses the leading CODESYS platform to provide a familiar programming environment and reduce engineering costs. Complete solutions are built in this single, integrated environment. It incorporates advanced Eurotherm PID control and recording capability in the form of easy to use function blocks along with the integrated design of visualisation elements. E+PLC400 offers you a complete, high performance PLC solution for your process, designed for rapid engineering and versatile application.

Programming tools which will reduce your engineering time include:

  • Rich functionality in easy to use function blocks
    • Auto-tuning PID control
    • Secure recording
    • Batch data management
    • Setpoint programmer
    • Zirconia probe input
  • Comprehensive inbuilt PLC function block libraries
  • A single, integrated programming environment to engineer a complete, scalable process solution, including PLC, PID control, recording and visualisation

Creating a complete, high performance scalable PLC solution has never been easier

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