About Us


Automation is the heart of industry. Without it, what the world would like be? Only handy craft type of

industry that doesn’t need automation. In modern days of industry however, automation is an integrate

component of the process, and even more many automation forum or engineer forum are set up

openly, because manufacturer process must improve day by day, both machineries and the control


Automation has big role in industries, no doubt about it. That ensures quality of product, consistency,

and production speed. The higher level of automation are installed, the higher expectation may obtain

such as: higher production yield, less waste product, less energy consumption, precision, smart

monitoring, production data logging & process data logging and finally, transferring data via internet


Thanks to EUROTHERM_UK as one of the leading automation production, that offering high quality

automation product with simple design but high precision of controlling and data logging.

Eurotherm has good reputation in Heat treatment process, Pharmaceutical, Life science, because of its

precision, and security level. Not only at the mainframe but also in the utility area such as, water

treatment, boilers, and power control.

PT. ASIA PERDANA INDORAYA, proudly announce that we are the distributor of EUROTHERM in

INDONESIA. We are here to help any industries who want to improve their process, upgrading the

system. We are also doing plant services: commissioning, calibration.

PT. ASIA PERDANA regularly sends engineers to Eurotherm for training, to get the knowledge of new

products and software improvement. We then update the news to our valued customers.

Please visit us at: www.asiaindoraya.co.id for Eurotherm automation, and use technical forum if you

need further information and assistance.